Life Changes

Lifestyle Changes

Making changes to your lifestyle is not for the faint-of-heart. It takes hard work and determination. We typically make changes because we want to remove pain, are forced to by circumstances or want something better. There are many ways to make the same type of changes…we choose the way that works for us.

When making changes in my life, I’m of the philosophy of cold turkey or abrupt change. This works for me because I know that if I give myself leeway the change wont happen. The easiest example to explain would be when I altered my eating style to AIP. I cleaned out my personal space of all items that weren’t compliant, picked a day to start and forged ahead with no regrets.

I encourage you to make the changes necessary to better yourself. And do it in a way that makes it work for you. The exact steps in your journey don’t matter…it’s the experience and the end result that counts. And remember it takes 21 days for any new habit to engrain itself….Be Kind to Yourself.

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