Vegetable Haystacks

Here’s an idea for creating an unique side. Especially great for brunch.

You can use any combination of vegetables…it all works. My favorite vegetables to use include those pesty stem pieces of broccoli and cauliflower mixed with sweet potato….and then I also include the odds ‘n ends I might have hanging around in the fridge. I like to use my food processor to shred the vegetables. My next ingredient to add to the mixture is greens. For some this might be optional, but I like the added nutrients and flavor. I just use whatever is at hand whether it be chard, spinach, beet greens or sprouts. Next is the spices. I typically add chopped onion, garlic(which is a must), Real salt and an herb mix like Herbes de Provence. The starch holds everything together once it gets wet. I prefer tapioca flour but any starch that you have on hand can be used. For the wet ingredients, I typically use bone broth and melted palm oil. The bone broth just enhances the flavor but if its unavailable water is an acceptable substitution. Any melted oil can be substituted; some other choices include coconut oil, lard, tallow and duck fat.

Baking this mixture in a greased muffin pan gives the mixture definition….but also frees up the counter/stovetop for the preparation of other items of the meal. However, if I need the oven, I have been known to spoon the mixture into patties on a griddle. You just have to flip them over part way through cooking.

I hope that this recipe gives you ideas and that you are able to adapt it to fit your cooking style/needs. A reminder tho…if you are using freeze dried shredds, you will need to rehydrate them first.

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