Freeze Dryer Rental

Why Freeze Dry?

  • Freeze-dried food retains many of its original characteristics including color, taste, texture, and 97% of nutrients.
  • Freeze-dried food is a versatile product.  You can eat it as is, reconstitute with water or use it as a long-term storage product.
  • Freeze-dried food is shelf-stable at room temperature.
  • The weight of the freeze-dried product is reduced by 70–90% which makes it lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Freeze drying offers the highest quality product when compared to other storage methods.

Notable Terms from Rental Agreement

  • The freeze dryer rental shall only be used for whole food items.  These items fall into categories typically labeled as Fruit, Herbs, Vegetables, & Meat. 
  • We expect the rental customer to be mindful that the Lemhi Vittles facility is allergen-free. 
  • The use of personal seasonings/marinades/sauces is prohibited.  Many seasoning blends/marinades/sauces contain allergen ingredients. 
  • It is preferred that you process your food items prior to arrival so that your food is ready to enter the freeze dryer.
  • Meat products must be fully cooked before freeze-drying.
  • The customer is expected to be courteous of the freeze dryers’ schedules.  Each rental time slot will roughly last 46hrs and shall be displayed on the website schedule.